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ERP Risk Advisors and CaoSys Announce Two New Ground-Breaking Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite

ERP Risk Advisors and CaoSys Announce Two New Ground-Breaking Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite

ERP Risk Advisors and CaoSys have collaborated to build two new ground-breaking solutions for organizations running Oracle E-Business Suite: CS*License and CS*Lookback.

ERP Risk Advisors and CaoSys have been strategic partners since 2008 and have designed, developed, and released two new solutions that are highly valuable for compliance purposes.

CS*License is a unique and innovative solution for understanding your organization’s risks related to licensing for Oracle E-Business Suite.   This solution maps 100% of Functions and Concurrent Programs to the Application they are associated with and provides suggested mapping for objects that aren't associated with an Application.   CS*License can provide you visibility into where your organization stands with respect to your Oracle E-Business Suite license with Oracle.

CS*License includes the following:
·        Predefined rules for all Functions and Concurrent Programs, currently built up to 12.2.7
·        Updates for new content as Oracle provides upgrades – as part of annual support
·        Ability to override default applications to which a Function or Concurrent Program is mapped
·        Ability to map Applications to your licensing buckets
·        Summary and Detailed reports to help you analyze your exposure – including down to Menu and Navigation Paths to identify how the object is accessed

CS*Lookback is a unique and innovative solution that helps you determine who has done what within your Oracle E-Business Suite applications; this is an invaluable tool that greatly assists with lookback procedures and other audit related tasks.

CS*Lookback includes the following…
·        Analyze data based on configurable groups of tables and users
·        Analyze an entire schema and even the entire database
·        Perform a lookback analysis across common time rolling periods, such as “This week”, “This Month”, “This quarter”, “This year”, etc.
·        Perform a lookback analysis of any user defined time period
·        On-screen interactive reporting allows you to drill into the data from many angles
·        Powerful out-of-the-box summary level analysis and detailed reporting

CS*License and CS*Lookback compliment other leading GRC solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite including:

CS*Comply is the most effective way to deal with access control risks such as Segregation of Duties and Single Function Risks.  CS*Comply offers best-in-class reporting and preventive controls.

CS*Comply includes the following…
·        Over 1,000 pre-defined rules across the most commonly used modules covering over 36,000 known function based combinations – the most comprehensive set of rules available on the market. 
·        Our pre-defined content covers nearly 4,500 security objects, including nearly 3,000 functions and 1,400 high risk concurrent programs and can easily be extended to address custom objects developed by US Steel
·        Comprehensive reporting and analysis of SoD/Single function risks
·        Powerful, easy to use analysis / reporting tools
·        Dozens of other reports / best practice monitoring tools to help with access controls
·        Multiple preventive controls to help you take a pro-active approach to risk
·    Remediation Toolkit, Collusion Detection, Menu Cloning, Request Group Cloning, and much more)

CS*Audit is the most effective way to satisfy audit requirements as it relates to capturing and monitoring change to data within Oracle E-Business Suite.  CS*Audit also features an easy to configure near-real-time notification of changes being made.

CS*Audit includes the following…
·        Extensive library of pre-defined policies with mapping of related meta-data
·        Rule driven, fine-grained auditing and monitoring of changes to data
·        Near-real-time notification engine
·        Documentary approvals
·        Powerful reporting options
·        Capture change management information to provide to your auditors
·        Data security in our reporting repository where sensitive data is audited

CS*Provisum consists of two main components, Periodic Access Review (PAR) and Automated Assignment Provisioning (Provisioning (AAP).  

CS*Provisum (AAP) provides an efficient and effective means of automating the request and assignment of access within Oracle.  CS*Provisum (AAP) includes the following…
·        Initiation of responsibility request by the user, manager, or process owner
·        Visibility to potential SoD / single function risks as part of the approval process
·        Supervisor and/or process owner approval of access requests; no approval required can also be configured
·        Ability to create the user account when requests are approved
·        Superior visibility to pending and approved access requests

CS*Provisum (PAR) provides an efficient and effective means of validating user access on a regular basis.  CS*Provisum (PAR) includes the following…
·        Multiple review types (Process/Module owner, supervisor and transfer reviews)
·        “Selective” reviews for specific types of access (i.e. SoX Review, Financials Review, etc.)
·        Integrated with CS*Comply to provide visibility of SoD risk during the review process
·        Assignment de-provisioning is automated (no need to involve Security/System Administrator)
·        Review delegation, automated reminders/escalation and much more

CS*Rapid is a unique and innovative solution for delivering real-time operational reports and application extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite.   CS*Rapid includes the following:
·        Allows you to bring in-scope SOX reports into Oracle EBS so you can remove your data warehouse from your in-scope applications
·        Is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite
·        A familiar look and feel
·        No up-front licensing costs, no additional hardware or software required
·        Your operational reporting requirements can go from concept to the users’ menu in minutes.

Contact ERP Risk Advisors (http://erpra.net/contactus.html) or CaoSys (http://caosys.com/mcw.php) for more information about these new software and service offerings.  

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