Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oracle GRC Strategy... finally a very small win - record history in OAF pages

Solution Beacon posted this in their latest newsletter:

Record History feature now available in OAF forms in EBS Release 12.1.1
By Alyssa Johnson

One of the often used features in Oracle Professional Forms has been the Record History
selection on the Help dropdown menu. This enabled functional users to see which user updated a particular record without querying the underlying database tables. However, the same functionality was not available in the Oracle Application Framework (OAF) pages and in my experience this has been an oft asked for requirement. Starting in Release 12.0.6 this feature is now available. However, it is also included in the RCDs for 12.1.1. Even though this feature is now available, it does take a different format being enabled through a profile option and forms personalization. The new profile option is FND: Record History Enabled. If set to YES, record history can be rendered at the Header, Table, and Advanced Table levels through forms personalization. If is set to NO, then record history cannot be rendered even if set to True in forms personalization. The default value is YES. Following is an example of how to rendered the Record History icon through forms personalization. Personalization has been enabled for OAF forms.

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In my opinion, Oracle has failed to grasp the true requirements that many, if not all, of their customers need to meet their GRC requirements. Oracle has been focused on buying companies like Logical Apps and Stellent to fill in gaps in their software portfolio, but has failed to develop a comprehensive strategy for their entire suite. I have sent several letters to Oracle execs outlining some of the architectural failings in the E-Business Suite and have suggested they form a CAB to deal with these issues. There has been no response from Oracle management.

The record history in the forms is a fundamental requirement for all customers for GRC purposes as well as troubleshooting operational issues. The failure to include this feature in OA framework forms and the continuing failure to make this information available without the use of Forms Personalization is indicative of their lack of understanding related to their customer's operational and GRC requirements.

I have an extensive list of internal control deficiencies in the EBS suite that I have made available to end users in the Internal Controls Repository. I have also made this information available to Oracle execs. I fear that they are making the same mistakes in the building of Fusion that they have made in Oracle EBS. As an advocate for my GRC customers and Oracle customers, in general, I am wondering what will wake up Oracle management to the need to fix these issues.

Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CISA CIA
Author.Consultant.Analyst.Audit Trail Evangelist
Author of the book "Oracle E-Business Suite Controls: Application Security Best Practices"