Monday, August 7, 2017

ERP Risk Advisors: Revalidation of In-Scope Reports for Completeness and Accuracy

 Revalidation of In-Scope Reports for  Completeness and Accuracy

Organizations that are subject to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance use various reports from the source systems to perform the controls defined by management. Essential to the control design is the completeness and accuracy of the report(s) being used to execute the control. Ensuring completeness entails gaining comfort that a full population of the relevant transactions are captured and presented in the report. Ensuring each report is accurate involves validating that the integrity of data compiled by the report is maintained throughout the report creation process.
The validation process is a bit of a circular exercise in that often you are querying data directly from the database or using other reports to verify its completeness and accuracy (C&A). How the C&A is tested for each report is typically reviewed by both internal and external auditors as it forms the foundation for the reliance on the report in the execution of the control.
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Potential services from ERP Risk Advisors

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An engagement related to the above could include:
1.      Identifying in-scope reports through discussions with various process owners reviewing your controls library and related process documentation.
2.      Developing a library of the configurations that objects that would need to monitor
3.      Writing SQL queries to monitor the specific objects in each of the tables related to Concurrent Programs, Executables, and the Objects.
4.      Training staff on how to execute the SQL queries, analyze the results, and document conclusions.
5.      Recommendations on which reports should be migrated from other systems back into the core systems to remove the other systems from SOX scope
Developing requirements documents for building the in-scope reports in the core system.  We could also work with the process owner to validate the requirements.

Training on Auditing Oracle E-Business Suite

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